Company goals

Anzimsazan Sorena Company (exclusive representative of BIOCHEM Italy) was established from the beginning of 1389 with long-term commercial and economic goals and importing required and non-produced raw materials in the country, especially in the production of dairy products.
Over time, the company has made great efforts to specialize in the field of dairy products by using the best managers and experienced staff in the production of dairy products, and specializing in the import of raw materials for these products.

For this purpose, Anzimsazan Company by the help of BIOCHEM company in Italy has succeeded in producing special products and compatible with specific microbial conditions in accordance with the native demand of our country Iran.

At present, the company is cooperating with reputable and well-known dairies by offering various products, the accuracy of which has been confirmed in the laboratories of the Food and Drug Administration as well as the standard office.

The company is providing services and raw materials needed by many dairies factories across the country and even some surrounding countries.

It is necessary to explain that according to the created chain and specialization of work, the specialists and technical experts of this company based in Iran and Italy, always follow the reports sent from consumer factories, dynamically by making changes according to customers' demands. They have made every effort to make useful changes and raise the quality and quantity of products, and if future consumers of the company's products have comments and suggestions or even special orders for the products of their factories, these demands and changes  Will  be especially considered for them .

In conclusion, while thanking you for your time and good choice, we hope that by your support, comments and suggestions, we can always be dynamic in the process of increasing evolution the products of this company, in accordance with the innovations of the world in providing healthy and Diverse products  in the dairy, pharmaceutical and animal husbandry industries, let's take a small step